I’m going to Paris and London

Bonjour Buddies! I’m off on vacation for a bit, when I get back I’d love to update you all on my travels in a blog. Bye for now. -Rosebud

THE SIMS 4 – Ultra Glam Affordable House

Hello Buddies! I’m back with a new build called “Ultra Glam Affordable Starter.” I loosely call this a starter because it is 50k and it could be a family starter/is at least a realistic goal if you play without cheats. I originally did this as the backwards house challenge but I loved it so much, I continued to work on and decided made it a speed build instead. I hope you all enjoy this! Make sure you COMMENT, LIKE, & SUBSCRIBE for more content!!


Hello Buddies! Today’s CAS is a let’s create a family cats and dogs edition. The story begins with Brooke (teen girl), Jim (father), and little westie coco. Brooke’s mother left her and her father after years of traveling for business who eventually started a new family abroad leaving her father. Not long after the divorce Jim (father) breaks down and develops an substance abuse problem, which causes him to loose his job, and the house leaving him to turn to a life of crime. Brooke encourages him to get help, but will he ever be the man he once was? Meanwhile Brooke’s best friend who was there for her through thick and thin (boy) and his role model mother, who owns the vet clinic takes her in, but will there be drama? How will Brooke deal? Is there Chemistry between them?