*Presented by EA Game Changers*

Hello Buddies! Welcome back to the channel for a early access look at “The Sims 4 Get Famous.” This EP will be available worldwide on November 15th, 2018 and it will be retailed at $39.99 USD + Tax. I also re-introduce you guys to the Alto family, a favorite of mine from “The Sims 3.” These townies are business rivals with the Landgrabbs. Mr. and Mrs. Alto are very “showy” and flaunt their money around while spreading around their mean and evil spirits to everyone around them on their way to the top. Their daughter Holly is the complete opposite, very down to earth and sweet. Will Holly fall in a forbidden romance with one of the Landgrabb boys? Will she make it or will Hollywood spit her out and chew her up? The choice is yours.

The family as well as the build will be up for download CC FREE when released worldwide!!

Origin: TheRosebudsimmer

Sorry about my audio issues, I’ve been having trouble since I’ve updated my computer.

Let me know your thoughts about this pack down below and make sure to check the new mansion. If you would like more information about get famous refer to EA’s Official posts here:…



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