Hello Buddies! In this week’s video I tried something a little out of my comfort zone and filmed a video not in the sims (or any other game) and showed you guys myself on camera briefly and my dorm room + my set up/where I work and film all of my videos. I hope you enjoyed this change of pace, I plan on making more of these “Irl” videos sometimes and I promise sims/gaming content will always be part of the channel. I hope you enjoy the video!


“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

My Experience in Paris and London.



At the beginning of the year, I was overseas in beautiful Europe, enjoying the culture, history, and fashion of what is France and the UK. Over my vacation I not only got to ring in the New Year looking at the Eiffel tower, but my birthday too. I am very thankful to have gotten the opportunity to go and here’s some highlights from my trip.

I took this trip with my lovely mother and sister and boy was it a journey! Our flight was delayed and we ended missing our second flight and having to take two other planes to finally get there, however when we finally got there I was blown away with the culture and quaintness from everything to the cafe’s to the cute boutiques. From the Eiffel Tower to Dior’s fashion museum, it was breathtaking and beautiful. I also got a chance to visit Nodre Dame, Disneyland Paris, The Lourve, Arc de Triomphe, The Palace of Versailles and many more. Ringiimg_9759ng in the new year in Paris was definitely a good way to kick off the year. Our trip out to the UK from there was a delight. I seen all of the famous sights and tourist attractions, that make me extremely excited to someday come back there and travel to new places. If you enjoy traveling I strongly recommend adding these two places on your bucket list, because sights like these aren’t things you see everyday.


My Top Three Favorite Makeup Essentials

The power of makeup can transform your entire look, and everyone has their own flare and style on how they like to leave their mark on the world, quite literally; but everyone may differ on what they think is an absolute must to them. With so many different face, skin, and make up types, no wonder people have all different opinions on what works best for them. So let’s take a read into what my top three favorite makeup essentials are.

1. Mascara

I truly believe that with a little mascara, it can transform just about anyone to look, put together and awake. Even with no make up one your eyelids or even on your face for that matter, long fluttery eyelashes are always in. When it comes to doing your full eye makeup, even the most intense looks never look complete without mascara to tie it all together.

2. Eyebrow crayon/pencil

The eyebrow is the frame to your face, much like the frame is to the canvas. Your face is a work of art, so treat it like one with a great frame that matches. In other words, your eyebrows should match your hair color and you should find a shape that fits you correctly first before make up. As eyebrow trends have changed over the years to the super skinny brows of the 90’s/ early 2000’s to the thick luxurious manicured brows of today, it’s funny how small hairs above your eyes can mean so much to how your face looks. Personally my favorite of all time for eyebrow pencils/crayon is Anastasia’s products.

3. Bronzer/Blush

Now this one may be a personal preference but I really find this much like the mascara really polishes up your look. With a little bronzer, it can create a small contour in the hollows of your cheeks for a natural everyday look without pulling out the heavy concealer and such for the day. When it comes to blush, a little comes a long way, don’t get to heavy handed or you might end up looking like a circus clown, but if done right it can create a cute soft flush to your cheeks refining them with the bronzer.

Thank you all for reading my top three favorite makeup essentials, if you’d like to read more consider signing up for emails as well as subscribing to my YouTube channel, it’s always a pleasure hearing from all of my “buddies”



10 Reasons Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel

The world, the internet, and beyond! Are all thoughts that come across one’s mind when YouTube is brought up, as nowadays you can just about watch a video on anything and everything to tutorials to that weird part of the internet where cat videos lurk. Anyhow, most people consider the platform of YouTube as an entertainment source/a place to learn new things rather than a media platform for oneself to grow on, but that can change it’s really not as scary as people think it is. All it takes is  a little thought behind it, whether this hobby or who knows as there are lucky ones who actually get a career out of it in which this is something to purse or not. If you’ve been asking “To do or not to do, that is the question” – Shakespeare, here are 10 reasons why starting a YouTube channel is the BEST!

  1. It’s the ultimate creative outlet.

Having your channel is a great way to show the world your creativity, whether you are a beauty guru, or a vlogger, or a gamer, or you do DIYS, or etc. Any kind of channel has different ways of expressing your artistic side to the world and get feedback on how to improve.

2. You meet a lot of cool friends all around the world.

Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t have to revolve all around yourself, it can mean opening the door to different people who do content similar to yourself. There’s that old saying “There’s strength in numbers” and in this case it proves to be true. It’s always great finding a group of people who will support each other on their videos as well helping you promote your channel on other social media. You might even learn something from them.

3. It’s nice to have a purpose for doing something.

Having a YouTube channel is great motivator, simply by having a purpose of recording what you are doing makes so much room for improvement and excitement. It even can spark motivation to get other things done in order to make time for your new found hobby.

4. You gain speaking skills.

As silly as this sounds, you learn to be comfortable talking to a microphone/being in front of a camera which thus can actually strengthen your speaking skills in real life as well. It’s amazing to see those who started once shy become quite charismatic, almost inspirational in a way.

5. It can be a hobby but so much more as well.

I do YouTube for a hobby because I love it, but I watch and know people who even get paid to do what they love. Now, use this point with caution because lots of people are on YouTube but not many actually get to achieve to making this a full time career.

6. You learn to develop a sense of confidence

It’s nerve racking the first time you put out your first real video but, don’t be so worried about what other people think. This is what honestly stopped me from starting a channel in the first place for a while now, but if you never take the risk and don’t do, you’ll never know.

7. You earn a sense of self when you create your “own voice” or in a bit technical of terms branding.

There’s a strange but great feeling you get, when you set up your channel and have things set up cohesively to match your “vibe” almost like your own space to say “hey welcome to my world.”

8. It’s always nice to see others watching and liking what you put out there for them.

Okay, okay this might be the shallowest reason of them all, but anyone will tell you they love seeing their view count go up as well as other aspects. It’s a completely different feeling from when you do something on your tie just for you and when you do it for your channel. You want to create something everyone can like and its great motivation.

9. It’s so much more rewarding (even if you start out with only you watching your videos) than watching a movie, or a TV show, etc. in your free time.

10. It’s overall just really fun!

All in all, at the very least it’s fun and if you’re serious about taking this up and feel like you can commit to it even when it gets tough, than do it. I truly feel as “weird” as people in real life might say it is, it’s not as boring as their hobby of watching show after show on Netflix as theirs might be.